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Woman tells boss she has cancer and gets fired

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A woman has been fired from her job of 12 years after she revealed to her boss she is currently battling cancer.

The hand-written letter from her employer at a Pennsylvania oral surgery has since gone viral after being posted on social media this week, prompting outrage from people who can’t believe she was fired for being sick.

Carol Jumper’s family told the Beaver Countain she told her employer, Dr. George Visnich, about her diagnosis – which is affecting her ovaries, pancreas and liver – and was shocked at his response.

“It was about a week later she gets this registered letter delivered at the house,” Jumper’s fiancé, Dennis Smerigan told, the website. “I was pissed when I read that letter. No kind of man sends a letter like that.”

Woman fired for having cancer


The Beaver Countain and The Times, who also covered the story, are yet to reach Dr Visnich for comment on the letter.

However, an attorney representing the Visnich family, Larry Kelly, told The Times what he did was a “humanitarian thing”, so Jumper could collect unemployment compensation during her treatment “with the understanding that when she is feeling better, she can come back to work”.

Kelly said Visnich did not contest Jumper’s claim for unemployment benefits. “That’s the reason the letter was written.”

He added the attention the note has been getting means Visnich has been made out to be a villain when he was “trying to help this woman”.

via Beaver Countain 

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