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Why Hongkongers quit without a new job lined up

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Employees who quit their job without having the next one lined up are highly likely to be labelled as irresponsible, or they are from a rich family and have never had to worry about money.

Whatever the reason, it seems an increasing number of employees are quitting without knowing how long it is going to take before they gain employment again. According to a post on Hong Kong Discussion Group, here are the biggest reasons for employees to quit without a “next job”.

The big shots
For those in senior positions the notice period is usually three months, making it necessary for one to hand in his or her resignation before starting the hunt for a new job.

The landlords
Young employees are going to hate this.

In this vibrant property market, older employees who purchased flats a decade or more ago are now able to pocket millions by selling properties. So with all that money in the bank, why work?

There are also employees who enjoy a handsome income from renting out properties, so they can make ends meet without having to work.

Looking for a change for the better
For employees who are looking to stay out of their comfort zone with a career change, quitting a job without having another one lined up provides them with inspiration to move on.

I am so talented
There are confident individuals who believe they are so extremely talented that finding a new job will be a piece of cake. Moreover, quitting without a new job lined up, is a cool thing to do – it will earn you lots of likes if you announce it on Facebook.

The loner
Those without a family to support – no elderly parents or children to take care of – are under less pressure to find new employment immediately if they were to quit.

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