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Weeding out the bad seeds

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It is no secret it can only take one bad employee to bring down an entire team – or even worst, the whole organisation.

A new report by RecruitPlus Consulting studied the market’s perception of how negatively a bad hire can affect the company, and found it “all boils down the fit of the individual towards the requirement of the job”.

Adrian Tan, managing director of RecruitPlus Consulting, said this would include cultural and management factors, as the same role may fit employees differently in different organisations.

About two thirds of respondents (68%) believe a bad hire will result in lost productivity, a negative company image and employee morale issues.

Just under a third of those surveyed (31%) said a bad hire could be the result of a job mismatch, while 16% blamed it on cultural clashes, and 15% said it was the fault of poor recruitment processes and insufficient training.

With 100% of 2,000 Singaporean employers surveyed indicating they will be increasing headcount this year, it is even more critical bosses hire for fit to ensure the best business outcome.

Despite the tight labour market expected this year, companies will have to place quality over quantity. One way they can do this is to hire “super performers”, or employees who are able to take on the workload of two to five bad hires.

Employers surveyed said they would not mind paying these super performers 10% to 30% more, and common strategies to retain these high performers included a combination of promotion (25%), award (22%) and pay increment (16%).

Tan added companies should also look into other ways of reinventing themselves to be more attractive to younger employees such as the Gen Ys and millennials.

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