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WATCH: How to train Millennials

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“A new type of worker has entered the workforce. They’re called Millennials, and they’re terrible.”

This is opener for a hilarious video by Official Comedy, which is doing the rounds online portraying Millennial workers as lazy and entitled employees who need to be constantly pampered and praised.

The spoof training video aims to show Baby Boomers and Generation X how to deal with younger employees’ abhorrent hate of coming to work before 9.30am and completing tasks without being offered a pay rise immediately afterwards.

In the opening sketch, “Chad” and his boss “Mary” have this discussion:

“Chad, what did the market research turn up?”

“What? Oh, I Googled them but the results were weird.”

“You didn’t use the market research database that we spent thousands of dollars a month on, and that you were specifically trained to use?”

“I quit! This job is different than I thought it would be.”

Instead of letting Chad run away to yet another job, the “trainer” pops up on screen to tell you exactly how they should be dealing with the situation in order to keep him happy. Watch the full video:




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