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Social video marketing agency click2view had to recently say goodbye to their interns, but decided to say farewell with style.

The Singapore-based company created a one and half minute long parody of reality show America’s Next Top Model called “Click2view’s Next Top Intern 2013”.

The clip stars the agency’s sales and marketing manager Simon Geenty as “SalesDiva Simon”, who had to choose between the two interns.

Simon Kearney, click2view’s managing director, said the video was created as the team is “encouraged to create films during their daily ‘muse and expression’ breaks”.

“We give them two half-hour breaks a day in which to spend time with their inner visionary or ‘art yolk’; if only we had the time,” he said. “So more occasionally, such as Friday afternoons when all our clients have gone to the pub, the guys make fun stuff like this.”

Kearney said the interns appreciated the effort that went into the video.

“They loved being the centre of attention – it made them feel a little less used,” he joked.

He said he’d encourage other companies to do something similar for their staff as “a company’s culture is its most important asset, and you’ve got to keep everyone’s creative zeal constantly refreshed”.

And if there are others out there thinking of pulling off their own parody, Kearney said: “SalesDiva Simon is available for judging by appointment.”

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