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WATCH: Millennials (sort of) apologise

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A sarcastic video is making the rounds on the internet, with Millennials offering an apology to the world for being unemployed, lazy and entitled.

The video, produced by Can Opener Studios, shows four Millennials “apologising” for being crippled by student loans and texting too much, and saying how they wish they could be more like their parents, the Baby Boomers.

“We’re the worst! If only we could be more like our parents,” says one girl, before another male chimes in: “Yeah, the Baby Boomers, you guys were great!”

“We don’t know what happened. You raised us to believe that we were special,” says one woman.

“So special, that we didn’t even have to do anything to earn it,” says another man.

“I got this trophy just for existing in soccer,” says another woman.

The foursome then go on to explain, tongue firmly in cheek, why they’re apologising – because they’re “so lazy” and “making excuses” for living a less-than-perfect world, which they claim Baby Boomers have created.

Watch the whole video.

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