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WATCH why blind people make the best employees

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Two witty and tongue-in-cheek public service announcements have been released by The Norwegian Association of the Blind to encourage employers to hire more blind people.

The first clip shows a blind employee walking in on two colleagues getting intimate with each other, one of whom continues a conversation with the oblivious man, with the PSA carrying the tagline: “Avoid gossip at work. Hire a blind person.”

The second takes the stance that hiring a blind employee can save electricity, showing a woman working on an article in the dark.

As more companies around the world embrace diversity, we’re glad a body like The Norwegian Association of the Blind has decided to take a lighter and more humorous approach to encouraging the employment of those with disabilities.

The organisation also released three other clips, including a funny one educating the public on why guide dogs should not be disturbed while they are “at work”.

What do you think of these spots, and do you reckon a similar campaign would take off in Singapore?

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Sabrina Zolkifi
Deputy editor
Human Resources Magazine Singapore

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