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Adecco CEO for a month programme

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In a bid to equip youth from all over the world with solid leadership experience, Adecco Group has announced the launch of its 2015 ‘CEO for One Month’ initiative in 30 countries.

As part of the Adecco Way to Work programme, the company will offer 30 young people the chance to learn directly from senior global leaders in order to boost their future career prospects.

“Youth unemployment is still one of the biggest worries in today’s world. Around 75 million young people worldwide are out of work,” Patrick De Maeseneire, group CEO of Adecco, said.

“With the ‘CEO for One Month’ programme, Adecco is taking action to help youngsters improve their employability. Learning on the job and work-based training are the most relevant factors to foster and grow talent.”

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Initially, ‘CEOs’ from 30 countries will be selected for the programme, to be placed in one month internships alongside local Adecco country managers during the summer.

The 10 most successful candidates will progress to a final round at the ‘CEO for One Month’ boot camp, after which one person will be selected, to take up winning role in September this year.

Under De Maeseneire’s mentorship, the chosen ‘CEO for One Month’ will also get the chance to learn about running a company with 32,000 employees and 19.5 billion euros in revenues in 2013, while earning a good salary.

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