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Volkswagen to ban Pokémon Go over fears of product leaks

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Volkswagen has sent a notice to all of its employees informing they are forbidden from playing the viral Pokémon Go game on company premises. They are also not allowed to install the app on company phones, the autoevolution reports.

In an email sent to around 70,000 employees delivering the ban, the German automaker explained that the measure is to protect itself from potential leaks of future products, as well as other privacy violations, since the Pokemon Go players both a camera and GPS location for players to locate and capture Pokemon.

There are concerns that photos of the brand’s future designs might leaked through seemingly innocent screenshots sent to family or friends while employees are gaming on company premises.

Another another significant risk here is protecting employees from physical harm.  The company’s plants operate heavy machinery, and people should not walk around them while focusing on the screens of their mobile phones. Boeing sent a memo to employees last month to ban the game for the similar reason.

According to Germany’s Bild reports,  employees at Volkswagen are fine with the company’s decision since the  company premises only have “common” Pokémon.

While some employers are seeing the game as a threat, there are also those who embraces the game as part of life.  This Mexican design firm Gallo Design demonstrates how the game has become part of office life for its employees with these five golden rules.

The list which was viral on Reddit include rules like “If some one claims the Gallo Gym, it is our duty to reclaim it at lunch time.” and “Don’t forget about deadlines… also don’t forget about your Pokémon.”

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