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No vacation for nearly 40% of China’s white collar workers

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While Hong Kong workers may be unhappy with the limited amount of annual leave they get compared to some European countries,  employees in China have it worse. According the latest Worker Satisfaction Index Report by career platform Zhaopin, 38.7% of white collar workers in China took no vacation days at all last year.

According to Zhaopin, some companies asked employees to take vacation “only when they were not busy with work”. So while they do officially offer an annual leave allowance to their staff, they make it very hard to justify applying for it. After all, if you have time to go on vacation that means you don’t have any work to do, suggesting you’re redundant to the company.

Out of the respondents who indicated they did take vacation days in 2016, the biggest group (22%) took only 1 to 5 days during the whole year. 16.8% took 5 to 10 days, 8.3% took 10 to 15 days, 3.9% took 15 to 20 days, and a lucky 10.3% of respondents enjoyed more than 20 days of vacation.

When asked how satisfied they were with regards to the topic of vacation, respondents gave an average rating of 2.11 out of 5. Family time scored only slightly higher, receiving a 2.59 out of 5. The overall life satisfaction index was 2.34.

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The survey found that workers’ satisfaction levels regarding vacation and family time were associated with income levels. “The lower the salary, the less time was available for vacation or spending with families”, the company explains in a press release.

A number of other factors such as salary (2.13 out of 5) and training (2.64 out of 5) influenced people’s overall satisfaction levels at work, which scored a 2.33 out of 5.

Respondents were most dissatisfied with promotion opportunities. They gave the topic a 1.86 on the satisfaction index, with almost 80% saying they were not promoted in 2016. When asked about the reasons behind promotions within their company, only 15.5% believed they were based on personal efforts, while 40.4% said promotions were decided by company policies.

More than 12,000 white collar workers participated in the survey. According to Zhaopin, the survey results can be a good reference point for employers to improve their talent management strategies and policies.

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