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The most unproductive time of day

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Us humans have done some amazing things. We’ve put a man on the moon and cloned sheep, and now we’ve managed to pinpoint the exact time of day employees are the least and most productive at work.

According to a study by London Office, workers are least productive at 2.55pm. Apparently, this is the time of day when staff are most likely to jump onto social media sites or start planning their evening.

The report also found 10.22am to be when people are at their most productive.

Michael Davies, London Offices’ spokesperson, told Daily Mail it is important employees “maintain a steady work level rather than swing between extremes”.

The report also found 4.16pm to be the most stressful, likely due to the fact people are rushing to complete their work before the end of the day. However, that surge in productivity doesn’t last long as employees were reported to mentally clock off work 18 minutes before they officially end their day.

Coupled with an older report we ran which found women look their worst at 3.30pm on Wednesdays, we can’t imagine midweek being a great time for the ladies.

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