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Unfaithful employees can cost companies millions

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With Valentine’s Day just a week away, love is definitely in the air – but too much may be a bad thing for business.

A survey by infidelity website Victoria Milan of 4,000 members found 68% of employees who are cheating do so on company time, spending an average of 1.17 hours a day at work on their affair.

The website asked respondents how much time they spend cheating online; 38% admitted it was about half an hour on average, a quarter spent an hour, 19% said they spent between one and two hours, while 18% confessed they devote more than two hours online at work everyday to their affair.

“Today we have the advantage of being able to connect with people looking for the same things online. It seems that, based on our latest survey, many of our members connect with each other during work hours to spice up their life,” Sigurd Vedal, CEO and founder of Victoria Milan, said.

“We just hope they do it while they are on break, because if not, companies may be losing a lot of money.”

When multiplied by America’s minimum wage as a baseline, the amount companies are losing on a daily basis came up to a staggering US$17,304,300 (S$22m).

The survey also found employees were most likely to pursue their affairs on Monday, possibly triggered by having spent a weekend at home with the family.

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