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Uber staff promote positivity after ‘rough nine months’

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Employees at Uber have been having a hard time. A number of scandals around sexual harassment and a toxic working culture led to former CEO Travis Kalanick stepping down, and Uber’s employer brand taking a hit.

While the company will undoubtedly be working hard to turn things around under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, a group of employees decided it was time to get involved.

In an attempt to banish the negativity from their workplace, the six staffers at Uber’s San Francisco headquarters have launched an internal positivity campaign called Good People + Good Things. On a website created especially for the campaign, the group of work friends explains the motivation behind their initiative.

“Let’s be real, it’s been a pretty rough nine months (plus). Negativity became the rule, instead of the exception to it. And morale fell to the floor,” they write. “So, we’re trying to pick it back up. Together, we can lift each other’s spirits and make a difference in our everyday.”

The purpose of Good People + Good Things is to make the world, and the office, a better place by encouraging positive attitudes and actions. While there’s currently not much information on the website, it does allow Uber staff to sign up to “receive GPGT announcements about special events, new launches, and future releases of our editorial”.

The campaign initiators hope their idea can grow into a company wide effort: “We may be starting with a small group of six employees, but we’re mighty hopeful that the positivity of Good People + Good Things will spread through the company like news of new snacks.”

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