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TransAsia Airways crash, Taiwan, July 23rd 2014

TransAsia Airways apologises, holds “utmost responsibility” for crash

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Taiwan’s TransAsia Airways has offered an apology on behalf of the company for the deaths of 48 people, after one of their planes crashed in stormy weather on July 23.

The airline ran it’s apology across the front pages of five major newspapers, stating they will shoulder “utmost responsibility” for the accident.

The apology also comes as airline chairman Vincent Lim was confronted by angry and grieving relatives while he was paying respect to the victims at the crash site in the Penghu islands this week.

The apology read:

“TransAsia and its staff express our deepest condolences for those who died on Flight GE222 and offer our apologies to the relatives and the injured.

“TransAsia pledges to the deceased, the survivors and their relatives as well as Penghu residents who were injured to shoulder the utmost responsibility and make every effort to deal with the aftermath and provide the best compensation.”

The general manager of TransAsia Airways,   Hsu Yi-Tsung, also made an official apology at a press conference, as reported by

“We will continue to offer assistance to passengers’ relatives traveling from Taipei to Makung. Here, on behalf of TransAsia Airways company, I want to apologize to everyone here again, that such a tragedy has taken place. Thank you.”

TransAsia also said it would fully collaborate with the authorities in the probe into the cause of the crash and will “reflect deeply and heed the lesson”

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