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The top companies young Malaysians want to work for

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For the first time, the dream companies of Malaysian students have been revealed.

The inaugural Malaysia Top 100 IDEAL Employers survey by Universum ranked Petronas as the top company Malaysian business, engineering and natural sciences students wanted to work for, while those studying humanities chose Google as their preferred employer.

The 11,000 university students surveyed also shared their salary expectations upon graduation, which averaged at RM 3,258 per month.

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Those in business had the lowest expectations at RM3,307 while law students expected the highest pay at RM3,667.

The students also highlighted the importance of work-life balance once they hit the workforce – 65% said it is their most important career goal, followed by the desire to “be secure or stable in my job” (50%).

“Undergraduates in Malaysia share similar aspirations with their global counterparts, who also view work-life balance as their most important career goal,” Rachele Focardi, SVP of employer branding and talent strategy for Universum APAC, said.

“However, like Generation Y talent in other developing economies in Southeast Asia, local undergraduates are still hugely drawn to remuneration and advancement opportunities, especially ‘high future earnings’. Nonetheless, we expect this to change very soon as the economy progresses and talent would then consider salary as a hygiene factor.”

The report also had good news for local companies. A majority of students found local employers to be more ideal than foreign ones, with 90% of the top 10 ideal employers for business and humanities students being homegrown organisations.

Malaysian Generation Y students were also found to posses less job hopping intent, as 40% would like to spend five years or more with their first employer, and only 7% are planning to spend a year or less.

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Here are the top 10 employers according to student cohorts:

2. Bank Negara Malaysia
3. Google
4. AirAsia
5. Malaysia Airlines
6. Sime Darby
7. Lembaga Tabung Haji
8. Maybank
9. CIMB Group
10. Bursa Malaysia

2. Shell
3. Sime Darby
4. Schlumberger
5. Google
6. SapuraKencana Petroleum
7. ExxonMobil
8. Malaysia Airlines
9. Intel
10. Microsoft

1. Google
2. Astro
3. Malaysia Airlines
5. Karangkraf
6. Sime Darby
7. Lembaga Tabung Haji
8. Bank Negara Malaysia
9. RTM
10. Samsung

Natural Sciences
2. Sime Darby
3. Shell
4. Nestle
5. Bank Negara Malaysia
6. Google
7. Lembaga Tabung Haji
8. Schlumberger
9. Dutch Lady
10. Malaysia Airlines

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