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Top 5 weirdly creative job titles

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What’s in a name? When it comes to job titles – quite a lot. Not only are job titles one of the things recruiters look for during their brief assessment of a resume, they can also impact how people feel about their job.

Partly due to the rise of new technologies, new tech companies, and new roles at these companies, job titles are getting more creative. A quick online search delivers chief happiness officers, marketing ninjas, customer heroes, and more.

Yet a recent survey by Spherion found that 25% of workers consider non-traditional job titles unprofessional and are against the idea of having one.

Arguably, a creative job title could spark the interest of both candidates and recruiters, and add a little extra enjoyment to someone’s job. On the other hand, when a job title is so mysterious it fails to give any clues as to what the job actually entails, it defeats its own purpose. If it doesn’t tell you anything about the job, then why have a job title at all?

For those still undecided, Polina Marinova at Fortune listed 20 of the weirdest job titles ever to grace business cards. We’ve picked our five favourites below.

1. Executive sensei

Here’s an example of a weird job title that you might just get away with. Although creative, the meaning behind the word sensei seems to somewhat cover the responsibilities of the job at Virginia Mason Medical. The executive sensei will help support clients and manage the business aspects of the company – not unlike a teacher guiding his pupils.

2. Chief executive unicorn

At PowToon, the chief executive officer gets to call himself chief executive unicorn. While funny, we’re not sure it will work to his advantage when trying to set up meetings with professionals outside the company.

3. Chief heart officer

For all the HR directors out there bored with their job title, this could be you. At VaynerMedia, the HR director role mostly consists of reaching out and checking up on people, which requires someone with a big heart.

4. Happiness hero

This one takes a little imagination. The title comes with a SaaS troubleshooting job at Buffer, as the company believes that ultimately fast and comprehensive replies to problems is what makes people happy.

5. Galactic viceroy of research excellence

Admittedly, the word research gives some indication as to what this job might be about. The rest unfortunately makes it a little hard to take seriously, when in fact the job is quite an important one – the person holding this title does cloud-related research for Microsoft.

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