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The top 4 things bosses can do to boost staff engagement

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It’s perhaps a great thing that HR is increasingly focusing on developing leaders – solid leadership is, in fact, the top driver of employee engagement today.

That is, at least, according to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which canvassed a total of 7,396 full-time employees over the age of 18, working in organisations with 200 or more workers globally.

The report found that leadership vision is the top driver of engagement globally.

Those workers who stated they are confident in how their bosses are leading the company towards success significantly higher levels of engagement (86%) than those who are less likely to have such confidence (28%).

Respect and fairness was found to be second biggest employee engagement booster in the report, followed by growth and development opportunities, commitment to quality and cooperation/collaboration respectively.

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“A highly engaging work environment, more so than any other driver, requires strong trust, communication and vision from the leaders at the top,” the report stated.

“The better this outreach and connection between leaders and the employees in the organisation, the most significant the impact will be on the engagement of those employees.”

The report identified four things leaders can do to optimally boost employee engagement levels in organisations.

1. Leadership direction

Employees who were confident in the future of the company, the ability of their leaders’ to lead them to success had two to three times higher levels of engagement (86%) than those who are less likely to have such confidence (28%).

“Leadership vision can also be viewed in terms of job security and stability,” the report stated.

“A strong future vision, confidence in that vision, and the belief that leaders can be trusted to lead the company in the right direction helps assure people that the company is a place with a future – and can give them a future as well.”

2. Trustworthiness of leadership

Employees who were able to trust in their leaders were again more engaged (86%), than those who felt they were not able to trust their leaders (30%).

3.  Strong communication

The report advised leaders to strongly and clearly communicate these visions and strategies to employees – especially with 87% of employees who state that their bosses have communicated a vision that motivates them are engaged.

On the other hand, those workers whose bosses weren’t good at such communication were significantly less engaged (30%)

4. Demonstrating well-being

Staff who felt their bosses were sincerely interested in their well-being were highly satisfied and engaged with their jobs (90%).

Only 31% of those who though their bosses weren’t as invested in their well-being said they were happy in their jobs.

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