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Top 10 HR stories of 2016

Top 10 stories that grabbed HR professionals’ attention in 2016

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With the new year rolling out, let’s revisit the star stories that HR leaders loved to read in 2016. From insightful case studies to lessons we can abide by from HR directors, let’s take a look at the stories which made it to your favourite list last year – starting with number 10.

#10 25 of the most irritating phrases overused in every office

We’ve all been there – coming out of a discussion where you didn’t know what you needed to “bring to the table” in the next meeting. Corporate jargon is so common that we rarely stop to think about how unclear or overused business buzzwords actually are. Compiled by GetVoIP, here’s a list that we should probably avoid this coming year. Read here.

#9 How P&G achieved gender diversity at its Singapore water purifying plant

The manufacturing industry is known for having one of the lowest percentages of women in the workforce. However, at P&G’s Singapore Pioneer Plant ensured that 55% of the workforce consists of women through a series of diversity-intensive initiatives, including giving “women equal opportunities to take on positions traditionally held by men”. To know more on these key learnings, read here.

#8 Facebook’s HR head reveals why staff (really) love working for it

We all know people would like to work with tech giant, Facebook. But we found out the real reasons why. Eriko Talley, head of human resources APAC, Facebook expands on the three ideas the tech giant has adopted to ensure it maintains its standing as an inclusive and caring employer. Read here.

#7 [Photos] A mini-city for employees tucked beneath Marina Bay Sands

When it opened six years ago, Marina Bay Sands’ primary objective at the time was to get operations up and running. However, the great responsibility of setting up a comfortable work space for a diverse pool of over 9,500 employees was equally important. Given that a conducive and inspiring environment was an important part of MBS’ employee attraction and retention strategy, the team decided to introduce its core workspace, Heart-of-House. Read here.

#6 Case study: Why OCBC Bank’s work-life satisfaction scores stand at 72%

Need to boost your team’s work-life satisfaction score? Hear what Jacinta Low, head of HR planning at OCBC Bank, shared on building an inclusive workplace, with initiatives like a career break scheme, and PSLE leave scheme to her account. Read here.

#5 7 things HR can learn from Pokémon Go

When Pokémon Go hit our shores, we knew it was a game changer. What we didn’t expect were the lessons HR professionals can learn from this hit mobile game. Despite the game’s weird effects on employees, there are some good things HR can learn out of it as pointed out by OrangeHRM. Read here.

#4 7 types of employees you need to fire

As a manager, one of your top responsibilities is to hire and retain the right talent so that goals are met. Unfortunately, some people just aren’t employee material. As a manager you really shouldn’t have any qualms about getting rid of those who disrupt what you are trying to accomplish. Taskworld has identified seven such employee types who managers should not hesitate in showing the door. Read here.

#3 [Photos] Why P&G’s Singapore Innovation Centre has no ‘executive areas’

Thinking of redesigning your office to foster better collaboration this year? Take the lead from P&G’s Singapore Innovation Centre which features an open-concept office space – aimed to not only inspire creativity, but drive innovation amongst its team of 500 engineers, researchers and support staff. Take a look inside its centre here.

#2 5 things HR should stop saying (and what we can try instead)

Almost everyone hates management jargon, especially since the essence of the idea is often lost in communication. To get HR professionals to start speaking, and thinking, a little left of the norm, Human Resources put together a list of five words, or phrases, that we need to continue doing away with. Read here.

#1 The top 6 challenges HR is likely to face in 2016

Employee engagement was one of the top challenges HR leaders were expected to face last year, along with creating the right organisational culture. Do you think this would remain an adversity this 2017? Read here.

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