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Thinking about making a career move? Try this 30-second quiz to decide

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Unsure whether or not to hand in your resignation?  Try this 30-second quiz posted by TV Most to help you consider your options again before making a decision.

If you are employee A, there’s a 10 to 20% chance you’ll switch jobs. If the test shows you’re employee B, start packing up your desk, as your chance of quiting is 99%.

Q1. How far is your office away from home?
A. Within walking distance. – Move on to question 2.
B. Able to get to work without having to go across the Victoria Harbour. – Move on to question 2.
C. Must go across the Victoria Harbour to get to work. – You are employee B.

Q2. Are there any attractive colleagues in the office?
A. Yes! There are plenty of them. – Move onto question 3.
B. Not many, just a couple. – Move onto question 3.
C. None! – You are employee B.

Q3. Are the attractive colleagues married?
A. No they are all single. – You are employee A.
B. Not married, but they have boyfriends/girlfriends. – Move onto question 4.
C. All married with kids. – You are employee B.

Q4. Does your company offer overtime pay?
A. Of course! This is a basic requirement. – You are employee A.
B.  Only offers travel expenses, does that count? – Move onto question 5.
C. Nothing! – You are employee B.

Q5. How well does the boss know you?
A. He or she knows your full name and nickname. – You are employee A.
B. He or she knows your Christian name. – You are employee A.
C. He or she has mistaken you for the delivery guy. – You are employee B.

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