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These 10 skills are in demand

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As the 21st-century flies towards a future of automation and AI, the job market is changing rapidly. In today’s ultra-competitive, tech-savvy and social media hungry world companies have a whole new set of criteria when it comes to hiring.

And as the market fills with more university graduates, businesses demand more than just a degree or specialised area of expertise from potential candidates. Make sure your CV shoots to the top of the shortlist with these 10 most in-demand skills from hiring managers right now.

1. Foreign languages

Businesses are going global and that means the more languages you can speak the more opportunities you will have.

foreign languages

2. Web development

According to a study by BigCommerce, e-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year, yet 46% of American small businesses do not have a website. An employee with basic web development skills will have a massive advantage.

web development 2

3. Data analysis

You hear it all the time that “big data” and someone who can understand, process and analyse that mountain of data will be invaluable in almost any industry.

data analysis2

4. Mobile development

Mobile phones have completely changed our lives and everyone wants a piece of the action so having UI design skills or iOS development experience will put you in good stead.

mobile development

5. Cloud computing

Make sure your head isn’t in the clouds – experience with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure can make you a much more attractive job candidate to a lot of firms.

cloud computing 3

6. Social media skills

Showing that you know how to harness the power of social media is a necessity nowadays that can make you invaluable when it comes to marketing.

social media

7. Computer programming

Make sure the robots don’t steal your job by being the one who programmes them. Knowing a programming language such as Python or C++  will also show you are a logical thinker and a problem solver.


8. Ability to learn quickly

Businesses and industries are constantly evolving and that means being able to adapt and learn quickly. Showing a time where you picked up a new skill on the job will show you can handle anything.

learn quickly

9. Collaborative mindset

“There is no I in team” and the general consensus is that collaboration is the best way to get things done. Make sure to show examples that you are a team player.


10. Whatever the job requires

It goes without saying that the skills listed on your CV should match the job. But in a world of automation where computers will be the first to sift through your resume make sure yours has the right keywords to get it in recruiters’ hands.

 have the right skills (2)

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