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The worst things Hong Kong bosses have said to employees

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Refusing to take the blame and being the first to take credit are among the worst behaviours of bosses according to a recent survey of employees on their experience with bad bosses.

Bosses with acid tongues are also highly unpopular among employees. A post on Hong Kong Discussion Group shared some of the most hurtful things bosses have said to employees. Perhaps not surprisingly, most of the vicious quotes from bosses are related to employees doing overtime – a never-ending battle in Hong Kong offices.

We’ve highlighted a number of them here.

  • “Where were you last night when I need you to do overtime?  If you don’t want to work. Get out!”
  • “Do overtime if you are not able to finish on time. I pay you a salary.”
  • “Don’t bother to explain. It’s rubbish anyway.”
  • “You are being paid to do your job!”
  • “You have nothing to do during your time off, why don’t you come to the office?”
  • “Anyway, …” – A classic phrase used by bosses demanding employees to do things their way. All the “open” discussions that were held meant nothing. Obey the boss.

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