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Five secret weapons HR wants

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Imagine Doraemon is at your office for a day to create gadgets which are able to assist the HR department with their job. Here are the gadgets any HR professional would die to have according to HR Potato, a blog by HR professionals.

1. Interview lie-detector 
Candidates can be so good at lying that is it impossible even for veteran HR professionals to spot them all. This gadget will alert the hiring manager whenever the candidate is not telling the truth.

Side effect: Finding an honest candidate has officially become a mission impossible.

2. Labour law memory bread 
After eating the bread, a HR practitioner is able to remember all the labour law. Nobody, no colleagues from any department and no boss, is able to challenge HR when it comes to labour law any longer.

Side effect: But there are still anti-discrimination laws, MPF laws, tax laws…

3. Healthy body spray
Spay it on every worker and nobody will apply for sick leave ever again. HR will no longer need to work on the tedious administrative task of sick leave applications.

Side effect: Do staff apply for sick leave only when they are sick?

4. Auto-correction tape
Sick and tired of revising employment contracts again and again?  This tape will correct all the formatting and content in any documents.

Side-effect: With nothing to do, HR is getting lazy

5. Loyalty potion
Put a drop in every new hire’s coffee mug on their first day at work and he or she will not look for work elsewhere during the next 10 years. Imagine 10 years with no turnover!

Side effect: HR will be made redundant.

As amazing as every gadget sounds, they come with side effects. So enough with building castles in the air, time to get back to work!

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