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The pros and cons of sitting near the boss

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If you ask employees where they want to sit, most would choose to sit anywhere but near the boss.

The rationale behind this is simple, nobody wants to be spied on. Of course most of the time, the boss is too busy with more important things to check out what employees are up to, but that doesn’t make seats near the boss’s desk any more appealing.

A post shared on Heawork revealed the pros and cons of sitting near the boss. It maybe time to rethink where you want to sit in the office.


1. Get first hand information about the company
One is able to have a close look at what the boss is up to, putting one in the best position to gather intelligence on the company.

2. Learn from the best
Observing closely how the boss speaks on the phone and his or her working habits can provide valuable insights on how to climb the career ladder.

3. The boss’s blind spot
If you think the boss only checks on those who sit near him or her, think again. Some bosses tend to keep a close eye on colleagues who sit far away and pay less attention to those sitting close by.


1. Isolated by colleagues
Colleagues will be less inclined to come chat with those sitting near the boss. As a result, one’s relationship with other members of the staff may be affected.

2. Being kept under surveillance
No sensible employee sitting near the boss would dare doze off during working hours, take personal calls, or run any personal errands.

3. Must maintain a neat desk
Similarly, no sensible employee who sits near the boss would have a messy desk or order a bunch of goodies from Taobao and put them near his or her workstation.

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