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The most bizarre candidates

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Arranging an interview might not seem complicated, but there are often many unexpected incidents that make HR professionals frustrated and burnt out.

A HR professional shared some of the bizarre encounters with candidates on a recent post on Hong Kong Discuss Forum. Have you ever encountered any one of these?

Requesting the interviewer to work overtime
The HR called a candidate to come in for an interview. The candidate kept asking the HR to arrange the interview after working hours or on Saturday, meaning that the interviewer(s) had to work overtime for the interview.

giphy 01


Feeling lost
A candidate who applied for a job via phone or Whatsapp asked “Which position is suitable for me?” How could you hire someone who does not even know what position he/she would like to apply for?

giphy 02


Stay anonymous 
It doesn’t matter that there is no email address provided on a résumé because the interviewer can contact the candidate by phone. However, how could the interviewer call a candidate who does not even provide his/her name?

giphy 03


Unrealistic salary expectations 
A fresh graduate who applied for a position as an administrative clerk did not include an expected salary on the résumé. The HR called to ask and the candidate replied “I would not consider if the monthly salary is lower than $25,000.”Are you hiring a supervisor?

giphy 04


Playing dumb
The interviewer sent a candidate an e-mail to confirm the time of an interview and the candidate replied he/she would arrive on time. However, the candidate did not show up on the day of the interview. When the interviewer called and asked, the candidate said “I have not received your email.” Then who replied the HR in the first place?

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On the bright side, these candidates did interviewers a favour by running themselves out of the game early, interviewers need not think twice about disqualifying them.

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