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Bad boss putting pressure on employee - personal growth by Aditi for HRSG July 2015

The kind of boss nobody wants to work for 

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Local society also seems to hold a negative attitude towards men and women who have decided they enjoy being single. Single women are often labelled as “sheng nu” (leftover women) and single men are dubbed to be Dokuo (poison man).

It is never fair to judge a person from his or her background, but some workers believe bosses who are single are tougher to work with than those with a family.

According to a blog post on Heawork, no colleagues want to work under a single boss because they are very likely to be workaholics.

The writer of the post shared that middle-aged men and women who are married with kids are the best bosses to work for. These bosses will try their best to lead the team to finish work on time, so they can go home to be with their family. There is also less pressure for team members to do overtime, since the team leader makes it a priority to leave on time.

On the other hand, bosses who are single are the toughest because all they have in life is a career. It is likely these workaholics will spend extended time in the office and drag the entire team into working overtime with them.

Below are three scenarios shared by workers on how singles bosses “create” opportunities for overtime.

1. Even though most employees prefer not to, the single boss expects himself to work 12 hours a day so they should also emulate him.

2. It is pretty common to find a take-out box on the desk of the single boss towards the end of the working day. Employees with a family want to leave for home at 6pm to enjoy dinner with the family, but the single boss loves assigning urgent jobs at 5:45pm and making the team stay late to work.

3.  As the working day is about to end, the single boss comes in with a take-out box with delicious lo sui chicken wings and offers it to the team. The team then knows it is in for another long night of overtime.

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HR Masterclass Series: We're going virtual! New courses, new formats!
Review the 2020 masterclasses here »

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