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The key to screening out unmotivated fresh graduates

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The peak season to hire fresh graduates is here and it is the time of year when hiring managers cannot complain enough about the weird candidates.

These young people are bright and have great academic qualifications, but some how their attitude towards work doesn’t sit well with their supervisors.

Below are some of the factors for hiring managers to consider to help reduce the chance of hiring fresh graduates with attitude problems.

The first is the candidate’s family background. While it is never right to reject a candidate who lives in a poor district, a candidate’s family wealth is something that a hiring manager should take note of.

In a post on Hong Kong Discussion Group, netizens shared the poor working attitude of the “second generation rich”.

“These kids born after 1990 who are fresh out of college own homes and cars. They make a little over HK$10,000 a month but spend more than HK$20,000 because they receive pocket money from their wealthy parents. How can you expect them to work hard or to do overtime? They are here to enjoy, to spread the joy of travelling to Europe with their daddy’s cash,” wrote the writer of the post.

No professional hiring manager would judge a candidate based solely on his or her family wealth, but it is worth digging deeper to find out more about the life goals and personal motivations of candidates from rich families.

In most cases, they do not need a job to make ends meet, so other factors such as the company’s mission and vision are crucial in determining how well a candidate will be able to fit in.

Being unmotivated is an attitude issue, and the team at Heawork has raised a number of points worth exploring to find out if candidates are ready for the workplace.

1. Is entering the job market right after graduation something you really want?
2. Do you want to leave school as soon as possible?
3. Do you feel like you have unfinished business at university? If yes, what is it?

Discussing these topics with candidates should give interviewers some insights into what the candidate really wants at this stage of his or her life.

Getting to know the priorities of candidates can save the hiring team a lot of trouble by identifying candidates who aren’t ready to show up for work. On the other hand, the interviewer is doing candidates a favour by helping them consider if getting a job is the best thing for them.

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