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The benefits of hiring a job-hopper

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Ideas around company loyalty have changed dramatically and “job-hopping” now seems to be the norm. In fact, one study showed, “Over the last 20 years, the number of companies people worked for in the five years after they graduated has nearly doubled.” Although job-hopping previously had plenty of negative connotations there are actually plenty of good reasons to hire someone who has had a multitude of experiences.

The folks at staffing firm Robert Half compiled this list of things to look out for when recruiting a job hopper and whether they are suitable for the job.

1. More Skills

Someone who has held numerous positions in a short period of time may have given them exposure to different industries and responsibilities that will add a new dynamic to your team. This allows you to hire a well-rounded person who has gained invaluable experience and perspectives that someone who stayed at one company might not have or has hit a plateau in their development instead of growing or learning new things.

2. It’s who you know

One of the biggest benefits that a job hopper brings to the table is a plethora of contacts and their ability at networking. “90% of people network while looking for the next gig,” according to Linkedin. Someone who has changed jobs a lot will have made some invaluable connections and a smart worker will know how to nurture these relationships so that they can help them in the future.

It is important to check a candidate’s references though to assess both their quality as a worker and the network they will bring to the table.

3. Change is as good as a holiday.

Find out why the person has been job-hopping before applying for the position at your company. There are both positive and negative reasons for someone to swap drops frequently. Look for someone who has made a strategic shift to focus on their long-term career goals rather than just a bigger pay cheque. However, someone who changes jobs with little progress or direction for the future is someone you want to stay away from.

4. Keep an Open mind

Weigh each case on its own terms. Sometimes “mistakes” happen when starting out and sometimes job hopping is just a case of trial and error to find the right fit. It’s difficult to find a job that you truly love and some people need a few more stepping stones to find their true calling.

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