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The art of giving mooncakes to staff

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The Lantern Festival is less than two weeks away which means it is time for bosses to show their appreciation for employees with mooncakes.  The traditional Chinese sweet treat comes in all sizes and flavours, making it a formidable task to make the right decision. Here is a breakdown from heawork tumblr on what staff think of the mooncake choices of their bosses.

1. Mooncakes from Spring Moon at The Peninsula
By giving their team one of the most expensive mooncakes in town, bosses can show they really care.  Employees will be very proud to share with their friends and family that their boss is generous enough to get them fancy mooncakes.

On the other hand, maybe the manager feels threatened by their employees and simply wants to show them who is the boss.

2. Snowy mooncakes
This is what young people love. A snowy mooncake suggests the boss is trying to fit in with the younger generations.

3. Vegetarian mooncakes
A thoughtful boss who remembers that some of the people on the team are vegetarian.  He or she really cares.

4. Mooncakes from Maxim’s
A boss buying mooncakes from Maxim’s is not a thoughtful boss at all and goes for something that is available on every corner of the street.

5. Wing Wah mooncake (One piece)
“I can’t believe the boss is such a cheapskate.  After all the years of hard work I have put into and this is what I deserve?”

6. Ice-cream mooncakes
“The boss really cares about me and my family and want my kids and I to enjoy the mooncakes.  What a great boss!”

7. Durian mooncakes
This boss doesn’t care about others. While he or she might love it, it is not a flavour that everybody enjoys.

8. Coffee mooncakes
Presenting employees with coffee mooncakes could be interpreted as a warning that they need to stay awake at work.

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