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The annoying phone habits of colleagues

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Studies have shown smartphones lower concentration levels and is the biggest productivity killer in the workplace.

But in today’s world, it seems impossible for people to be separated with their phones.  With that being said, colleagues talking, gaming and watching videos on phones can be a nuisance to fellow workers.

If colleagues want to use their phones in the office, they need to learn some manners.  Glassdoor spoke to business etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore on the dos and don’ts of office phone etiquette.

Below we have identified four types of colleagues with the worst phone habits.  Have your met all of of them?

1. Phone ringing non-stop
Phone ringers are loud, annoying and most people have the same one. So when one phone ringer goes off, everyone starts looking for his or her phone.  Colleagues should put their phones on silent mode when they are in the office.

2.  A walking foghorn
When people talk on the phone, they tend to shout because they are not sure of people on the other hand can listen clearly.  It is really annoying for colleagues to have to listen to your conversation.

The polite thing to do is to step away from the desk or be excused in case you are in a meeting.   Go into an empty conference room or into the lobby to take the call.

Listening to voicemails on speaker is another a big no-no.  Get a headset!

3.  The phone addict
There is no question employees, young people in particular cannot keep their hands of their phones.   It can be tempting to check Facebook or Instagram whenever you touch your smartphone.

No boss would appreciate employees who stare at their phones all the time.  If you really can’t help it, Whitmore suggested checking the phone every 15 minutes is acceptable.

And for those who have to bring their phones with them everywhere, Whitmore suggested keeping it hidden in the pocket or purse and never on the table, especially during a meeting.  There are other people in the room, please show them some respect.

4. My Bluetooth headset looks so cool
Some people love using a Bluetooth headset to take phone calls and multi-task, but the downside of using this type of ear piece is that most people tend to talk much louder.

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