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The 5 types of nightmare colleagues you can find in every office

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Being a “team player” is a requirement one can find in almost every recruitment ad. Performing well as part of a team is essential to the success of any organisation regardless of size or industry, but in reality it is impossible to work only with the perfect team mate all the time.

The plastic boss Facebook page listed the different types of nightmare colleagues who everyone is bound to run into at some point in their career. Have you met them all?

1. The yes man 
When the entire conference room is silent after the boss announced a “mission impossible” target for the year, the yes man jumps up and gratefully accepts the challenge.

The worst kind of yes men are middle managers who are eager to show off. They’ve made a promise to senior management that they’re able to deliver what they want, but to be honest, they don’t have a clue what to do, besides putting pressure on their team.

2. The boss’s pet
In every officer, there is a worker who doesn’t have much to do and is not particularly strong in any fields. Basically he or she exists only to entertain the boss. How the boss likes his or her coffee, favourite television show, singer, cartoon character, cigarette, perfume – the boss’s pet knows more about the boss than his or her spouse.

3. The back-stabber/ gossiper
Do you have a best buddy at work who you share all your problems with? Think twice before sharing your secrets with him or her, because in no time, their big mouth will spread it all round the office.

The gossipers are easy to spot, they usually spend more time chatting in the pantry than at their desks. Do yourself a favour and stay away from them.

4. The onlooker
A good team mate always offers a helping hand to a colleague in need. The onlooker, on the other hand, always finds an excuse to avoid helping. Even worse, they’ll tell you “I’m going now. I have dinner plans,” when you need to do overtime.

5. The snitch 
Ever wonder why you got an earful from the boss for being 5 minutes late for work? It is because someone told on you. That sneaky snitch is like a high-tech surveillance camera, picking up and reporting every detail in the office to the boss.

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