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The 10 types of HR colleagues you can find in every office

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Many would agree that HR professionals are “people persons” with excellent communication and inter-personal skills. But if you look closer, they also have many distinctive characteristics and different personalities. In fact, according to HR Potato there are 10 types of HR colleagues you can find in every office.

1. The tongue twister champion

HR practitioners often need to repeat standard terms at job interviews and explain contract terms to candidates. The more times they repeat the terms, the faster they are able to say them. The pace at which they spit out the terms is so fast and furious, it can be hard to follow at times.

2. The only male in the department

HR is known to be a female dominated department. As such, if there is a guy in the department he is often tasked with chores like moving documents and restocking the water cooler. Although it’s unfair and he cannot complain about it, on the bright side he gets praise from female colleagues whenever he restocks the water cooler.

3. The ‘spot the difference’ expert

Documents issued by the HR department have to be perfect. Every HR department has a couple of experts with eagle eyes that are able to spot every single typo in a document.

4. The labour law maniac

This colleague is able to recite every term and condition in the labour law. Ask him anything about the law and he will provide you with the perfect answer. But there is one problem, he won’t stop talking unless you ask him to.

5. The god of Excel

HR needs to process a huge amount of data on a daily basis. Luckily there is an Excel god at every department to help colleagues resolve all the technical difficulties they have with the software. The god is easy to spot in the office, since there is always a crowd at their desk looking for guidance.

6. The ‘scarer’

According to most candidates HR professionals, like ghosts, are scary-looking. This scary-looking colleague might give candidates the creeps during interviews but if you get to know him better, he is a really nice guy.

7. The legendary colleague

There is a colleague who you have heard of but have never met. He or she is either in recruitment and has to meet with candidates all the time or in training and is out for classes all the time.

8. The smooth talker

The department needs a skilled negotiator to get staff discounts and benefits from various organisations. He or she is a great asset to the team. Just never get into an argument with them, you will never win.

9. The weirdo who talks to himself

Talking to different people everyday is part of the HR job. But sometimes you will see a colleague who talks non-stop, yet you cannot see anyone near him and he isn’t on the phone. He is talking to himself.

10. The nagger

Everyone will try to avoid hosting an interview with the nagger, because he or she is somehow able to turn what can be said in a single sentence into a 20-minute speech.  Don’t be surprised to find the candidate speechless, exhausted, and confused at the end of the interview.

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