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Tasks employees can’t tackle before their first cup of coffee

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Employees and coffee have had a longstanding love affair since (possibly) the dawn of time.

Today, however, the love for the caffeine drink has grown so drastically that 37% of American workers say they can’t even get dressed for work without their first cup of coffee.

That was a finding brewed fresh from a Staples survey, which were released in honour of National Coffee Day, celebrated today.

The survey added that 44% of employees polled also said they can’t have a conversation or commute without coffee.

Checking email and eating a meal were also listed as some of the tasks professionals can’t perform without their first cup of joe – coming in at 40% and 38% respectively.

“Providing coffee and a well-stocked breakroom are easy steps that companies can take to ensure the happiness and productivity of their employees,” said Chris Correnti, vice president and general manager, Staples Facility Solutions.

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“The Staples Advantage Workplace Index revealed that Millennials value office perks and break time. A simple gesture such as providing a well-stocked and inviting breakroom with coffee options goes a long way toward retaining talent.”

For a significant percentage of the workforce, however, the survey found that one cup each day will not suffice.

In fact, over 57% needed at least two cups of coffee to feel productive and alert.

“Businesses are always looking for ways to jumpstart employee productivity – leading to increased market share and sales – but the one tried and true method for decades has been a cup of coffee,” said Laura Stack, an award-winning keynote speaker, bestselling author, and authority on workplace productivity.

“There’s nothing quite like coffee to keep employees engaged, alert and happy at work.”

Indeed, the survey found that Americans value their coffee so much, that they are willing to give up elements like social media instead of their caffeine shots.

“Americans in 2015 are obsessed with social media, scanning their channels and posting updates multiple times each day,” the report stated.

“And even still, when asked if they had to give up social media or coffee forever, three out of four U.S. employees said they would give up social media instead of coffee.”

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