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HRBoss report on challenges in Asia - China focus

Talent acquisition is HR’s number one concern in China

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For HR directors in China, acquiring the right talent is the number one concern, followed by a focus on training and development, and the retention of talent as the top 3 issues.

While HR leaders in Japan agree with talent acquisition as being the primary issue, diversity is the number two issue for them, followed by training and development.

The reverse is the case in Singapore, where the top three challenges are talent retention, talent acquisition, and implementing cost-saving measures, respectively.

These findings are from HRBoss’ new report, that surveyed 712 business leaders from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan, on the key trends in workforce planning.

While more than half of these leaders agreed that workforce planning is very important to their success, just 2% are happy with their current processes around it.

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Their biggest gripe was that employee-related information is inaccessible to them, with 77% using three different sources to get hold of this data.

This resulted in 64.7% of all leaders being stuck in “Excel hell”, with Excel spreadsheets being the most commonly used means, followed by meetings, and basic workforce planning processes.

This was most common in Singapore (64%) and Japan (50%), even as companies in China report the least usage of spreadsheets / Excel, with 19% using software for workforce planning.

Bernie Schiemer, CEO and founder of HRBoss, commented, “Across the board, business leaders want to get strategic about their workforce but, quite simply, they don’t have the right tools at hand to do so.”

He added, “Even though an overwhelming 98% of respondents in Asia believe that the workforce planning is the number one key ingredient for organisational success, a whopping 88% are stuck at rookie’s level when it comes to strategic workforce planning.”

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