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A sweet look inside a candy company [GALLERY]

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True to candy company Storck’s motto of being a family organisation, the local office looks and feels like a home.

Boasting an open layout with many break away spots for casual interactions, the office also has a kitchen area which opens up to a sitting space overlooking the city.

Michael Lee, regional director for Storck Asia Pacific, says the company was previously in a small office on a lower level of the building for 18 years, but as the company grew significantly, the move provided the entire organisation with more “breathing room”.

Lee says the open layout helps with engagement and to facilitate more “human communication” among the employees.

“We’re so caught up in digital communication, so it’s nice to have an area where people can communication in an old-fashioned way.”

However, he says having the space is just one aspect of the whole design.

“Having something like the kitchen and living room area as the heart of the office also suggests to our staff that we encourage them to get together and foster a sense of teamwork,” Lee says.

“We also try once in a while to cook breakfast or lunch, or even bake a cake here in the kitchen, so that really encourages everyone to come together and bond.”

Referring to the company’s roots as a family business, Lee says the space also tries to communicate across the company’s family values.

In order to create an office that is more than just a workplace, Lee says companies have to look beyond the physical aspect of it.

“The office and the furniture are the hardware. When you design an office, also think of the software, and by that I mean thinking about how you plan on utilising the space, what sort of activities or functions will you build around the space, and factoring that into the blueprint.

“Once you have that, you will be able to see more synergy among the people in the future.”

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