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Surviving work after Formula 1

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The annual Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend has wrapped up, and we’re sure plenty of you spent the last few days celebrating and partying.

Now, it’s back to work, and we understand the double whammy of Monday blues and the exhaustion of a big weekend can be painful. So, here are four things to help you get through the day.

1. Fuel up
If you have spent the majority of your weekend drinking, the best thing you can do for yourself today is to stay hydrated and eat healthy. Aside from drinking lots of water to make up for all the alcohol you put in your system (and that might still be in your system) make sure you have a good lunch to keep you going.

Skip the sugary desserts or fast foods, and opt for something high in protein and fiber. And if you do need something sweet, go for a bowl of berries, which are high in anti-oxidants, vitamin C and mild alkaline.

2. Stand up
We’ve discussed the benefits of standing up at work, and today’s a good day to start. By staying in an upright position, at least for a small portion of the day, you’re forcing your body to stay alert and awake.

3. Be realistic
Make sure your to-do list today is practical, achievable and realistic. Acknowledge the fact that you’re not going to be performing at 100% and plan your day to make sure you’re not over-exerting yourself.

It’s much better to have completed a specific and targeted to-do list, rather than rush through 25 things you weren’t able to give your best to.

4. Work from home
If you haven’t already taken the day off (and we’re sure plenty of you pre-planned an MC day) it might be a good idea to work remotely in the afternoon. Spend your morning sorting through the urgent matters then continue from home.

After all, a big weekend party of this scale only comes once a year right?

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