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Stressed? Welcome to Break Club

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Did you ever wish your boss would give you an outlet for your anger and stress (you know, besides secretly crying in the bathroom?)

If you live in Buenos Aires in Argentina, then you are more than welcome to join Break Club.

This group of people – mostly young women – have started getting together to smash things up when they feel angry and stressed about work, in a controlled and safe environment.

Mora, a media producer, told BBC she goes to Break Club because of the stress she feels about dealing with a large number of tight deadlines.

After a Break Club session, she says she feels happy and “like new”.

“It was fantastic! I could go back to work right now, I could do anything really,” she said.

A spokesman for Break Club said the club started as a place for like-minded people to “have the chance to break whatever they like”.

“This is the only Break Club in South America. There are others in the US, Japan and Spain. For Argentines, it is almost in our genes to enjoy anger,” he said.

“At the same time, we love psychoanalysis. The Break Club is somehow a mix of these two elements.”

Yamilla, an IT programmer, also said she is “so stressed I need to break something”.

“It’s really frustrating when you want to do something yourself and the computer doesn’t work. You really want to break everything, but you need to control yourself!”

I think we can all relate to that.

Watch the full clip here.

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