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Is stress actually beneficial for your staff?

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More often than not, when you hear about work stress, it will be something in the line of how harmful it is, and how it’s killing you and your employees. However, stress can also have it’s benefits.

According to a research from The Creative Group, 70% of advertising and marketing executives interviewed thought their job is somewhat or very stressful.

At the same time, 32% claimed that the more stressed they are, the better their performance and another six in ten reported they thrive under some pressure.

“Stress can be a powerful motivator, inspiring professionals to make decisions, take action and get results. But all employees need time to relax and recharge,” said Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group.

“Teams that are chronically overworked miss out on opportunities to strategise and come up with new ideas that will push the organisation forward.”

Despite most employees being able to handle stress, as leaders, one should not forget that employees who don’t do well under stress still exist – 8% of respondents revealed that their productivity suffers when experiencing any level of stress.

“While many executives are well equipped to handle workplace pressures, employees with less experience may need some support. Managers should check in regularly with staff to ensure they have the resources and guidance to do their jobs well,” added Domeyer.

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In line with that, The Creative Group shared three tips for organisations to foster a healthy level of work stress among employees:

Ask staff for input
Touch base regularly with team members to ensure their to-do lists are reasonable. Help workers with time management and prioritisation, and solicit feedback on how to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Encourage teamwork
When it comes to solving business challenges, two (or more) heads are often better than one. Foster collaboration in the workplace by providing plenty of opportunities for staff to partner with each other on initiatives.

Offer relief
Overburdened employees can quickly slip into autopilot, which can stall innovation. Provide project professionals or consultants who can assist core staff during peak activity periods.

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