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Man sitting working on the toilet at home before work

The strangest things staff do at work

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Sure, the office can provide distractions for people who are trying to do some real work.

But it can also provide various opportunities for those who want to avoid doing any real work while on the clock.

A new survey by CareerBuilder asked bosses to reveal the most unusual or most memorable things they have found an employee doing when they should have been working.

Some of the more memorable answers included employees taking a sponge bath in the bathroom sink, and looking for a mail order bride.

Here’s the full list, as compiled by CareerBuilder:

  • Employee was taking a sponge bath in the bathroom sink.
  • Employee was trying to hypnotise other employees to stop their smoking habits.
  • Employee was visiting a tanning bed in lieu of making deliveries.
  • Employee was looking for a mail order bride.
  • Employee was playing a video game on their cell phone while sitting in a bathroom stall.
  • Employee was drinking vodka while watching Netflix.
  • Employee was sabotaging another employee’s car tires.
  • Employee was sleeping on the CEO’s couch.
  • Employee was writing negative posts about the company on social media.
  • Employee was sending inappropriate pictures to other employees.
  • Employee was searching Google images for “cute kittens.”
  • Employee was making a model plane.
  • Employee was flying drones around the office.
  • Employee was printing pictures of animals, naming them after employees and hanging them in the work area.

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Bosses were also asked in the survey to name the biggest productivity killers in the workplace.

As echoed by earlier reports, cellphones and texting were named as top workplace distractions , with 52% of employers stating they were causing staff to lose productivity.

This was followed by the Internet (44%), gossip (37%), and social media (36%).

“Thanks to smartphones, chatty co-workers and never-ending Twitter feeds that provide hours of distraction, the obstacles that get in the way of actual work are seemingly endless,” the report stated.

With so many distractions around, the report added that severely negative consequences can occur if bosses don’t take steps to mitigate these distractions.

Compromised quality of work was listed as a top consequence (45%), followed by lower morale because other workers have to pick up the slack (30%).

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