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Stop training for training’s sake

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The significance of learning and development (L&D) in developing human capital has been well established in local organisations.

However, training conducted for the sake of training needs to be abolished in order for companies to get the best possible return on investment and to ensure their programmes aren’t the first things cut when things get tight.

Having a clear vision on what leaders wish to achieve through L&D is the first step in ensuring these programmes are effective as possible.

“Organisational capabilities determine whether the objectives can be met in an organisation, and the direction it takes,” Jin Hwui Lee, deputy director of human resource development at Land Transport Authority, says.

“Hence, it is important for the senior management who chart the objectives and directions to deliver a coherent and consistent message on the importance of L&D in achieving the objectives set.”

Lee will expand more on crafting learning programmes that are adaptable and strategic at Employee Effectiveness 2014 on 18-19 June this year.

Hear him, along with other forward-thinking senior HR leaders, discuss the best possible ways of ensuring your talent is ready to take on your company’s biggest challenges.

Employee Effectiveness 2014 takes place on 18-19 June 2014 at PARKROYAL on Beach Road in Singapore.

Come and join us at the region’s most exciting and informative L&D conference!

For more information on the event, or to enquire about attending, speaking or sponsoring, please visit


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