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Staffer told to stop playing Pokémon Go at work

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The much-anticipated Pokémon Go game has finally arrived, and in less than a week upon its release, it has already been installed on more US Android phones than Tinder, and fans of the cartoon characters are seen capturing Pokémon all around cities.

The idea behind the augmented reality game is that players walk around, hunting for Pokémon on their phone, and are notifed if there is one nearby so he or she can get to it.

As expected, the game has become a major distraction at work.

It was shared on heawork tumblr that a male colleague gave his phone to a female co-worker asking for her help to capture a Pokémon he spotted in the female washroom.

And a boss in the UK is certainly not happy about his workforce running around chasing Pocket Monsters, as Pokémon was originally known, when they should be working at their desks, the Mirror reported.

One employee arrived at work this week to find the note below on his desk:

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The picture was posted by Imgur user RichardKorry showing an annoyed note from his employer, somewhat a wake-up call to out-of-control gamers to get their act together.

The Twitter world was also abuzz about Pokémon Go experiences at work:


Lead image: 123RF

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