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Staff in Singapore want more face-time with their managers

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With flexible working becoming more common, professionals in Singapore believe their managers should be more involved in monitoring their work performance.

According to a Regus survey, 63% of respondents reported their sector is moving towards increased use of remote working to help attract and retain top talent.

However, the survey highlighted that special remote management training required to manage such mobile workers in the country.

Polling 292 Singaporeans, 85% of respondents felt that managers should make an effort to speak to staff who work remotely several times a week.

In addition, 92% of professionals believed that they should have monthly face-to-face meetings with their line managers.

A majority (80%) of the Singaporean respondents also felt that training is needed if managers want to manage their remote staff successfully.

“With its benefits for both staff and employers, there is no question that businesses globally are increasingly moving towards remote working,” said Paul MacAndrew, spokesperson from Regus Singapore.

45% of Singaporeans work remotely
[Infographic] The challenges of working remotely

“However, the research findings show that it is not considered to be enough to simply let workers go their own way, with the majority of those questioned worldwide supporting the tracking and measuring of both work activity and productivity.”

With regards to tracking worker productivity, 79% of respondents felt that managers should make use of the relevant IT systems.

Most respondents (94%), however, felt that productivity should be measured and rewarded differently – by outcome produced rather than time spent working.

“Management is clearly still concerned about maintaining and tracking levels of productivity. Offering staff the opportunity to work from a fully professional environment that is closer to home and devoid of distractions can help satisfy worker needs and ensure productivity doesn’t suffer,” MacAndrew said.

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