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Staff in Hong Kong are the unhealthiest in APAC

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Lack of sleeping, spending too much time online and having to work outside official hours is negatively impacting the health of Hong Kongers.

This was according to a index commissioned by AIA Group, and conducted by Intuit Research, which surveyed more than 10,000 adults from across 15 Asia Pacific countries, including 605 adults in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, unfortunately, ranked last among in the index.

It highlighted that local residents are, on average, daily sleeping for around 6.5 hours and spending 3.7 hours online for non-work purposes.

This was despite local respondents saying they wanted to sleep 8 hours daily.

The 1.5-hour sleep deficit was, in fact, the highest among the 15 places that were surveyed.  In comparison, residents of India and the mainland only had a sleep deficit of half an hour.

Hong Kong’s stress level was also high, tallying a score of 6.7 compared to the regional average of 6.2 on a scale of one to 10.

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Mainland China and Macau were placed first and second respectively in the index and Singapore took 11th place in the survey

Thomas Isaac, director of Intuit Research, said the research had not looked into whether there was a correlation between people’s incomes and their health habits. When a similar survey was done in 2013, Hong Kong ranked 13th out of 15.

“The fact that Hong Kong has not moved and its score has stayed stagnant is an indication that there have really been no significant improvements in Hong Kong, either in behaviour or health satisfaction,” he told the South China Morning Post.

“Hong Kong has stayed stagnant while other regions have moved up, which is why Hong Kong is in last place.”

Echoing these findings, The Microsoft Asia New World of Work Study found that seven in 10 working professionals in Hong Kong are expected to be contactable outside of work, demonstrating the level of stress local workers are currently grappling with.

To make things worse, only 16% of local  respondents agree that they were well-equipped to be responsive when they are out of office, far lower than the 37% among Asia Pacific respondents.

“With work becoming increasingly on-demand and on-the-go, an organisation that equips its employees with relevant tools, both hardware and software,as well as supports varied work lifestyles of its employees, will win the war and have employees who integrate work with life,” said Horace Chow, general manager at Microsoft Hong Kong.

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