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Staff in China more satisfied with work lives than sex lives

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Looks like professionals in China are happier in the boardroom than in the bedroom.

Despite recent reports of local staff clocking in extremely long working hours, a new survey by found white-collar employees in China are more satisfied with their professional lives than with their sex lives.

The survey asked 9,272 white-collar workers from major cities, most of whom had been in the workforce five years or less, to grade their satisfaction with work and life on a one to five scale, with five being most satisfying. Sex received a score of 1.64, while job satisfaction garnered a 2.41.

More than half (53.5%) of these workers also stated they have less than one sexual encounter per month, and only a quarter have sex at least once a week.

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White-collar workers in second-and third-tier cities in general were also found to be more satisfied with their work and life than those at big metropolises such as Beijing and Shanghai, according to the survey.

The report also delved into the amount of time these workers spend on recreational activities, such as taking a vacation or reading books.

Workers stated they spend only an hour and a half doing exercise each week on average, and half of those surveyed stated they never exercise.

One-third of white-collar workers never read books during their spare time, and nearly half haven’t had an annual vacation in the past year, the survey added.

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