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How to spice up a job interview [VIDEO]

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Sitting through a job interview is nerve-wracking enough, but throw in a meteor attack and you’ve got a meeting no one will ever forget.

Four candidates were halfway through individual job interviews when they witnessed a meteor falling towards earth and destroying everything in sight through a window behind the interviewer.

Worst job interview? Probably. But the good news is the “window” is actually a TV screen, and the whole set up was part of an advertisement by LG.

This is not the first time LG has pulled a prank. Late last year, they installed TV screens at the bottom of elevators and made the floor appear to creak away and fall into the shaft – effectively scaring passengers into believing they were about to fall to their deaths.

Less ominously – but just as equally hilariously – they also installed TV screens in male washrooms and made men believe hot women were watching them pee.


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