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SMRT: Jumping on board for change

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When it comes to the future of HR in Singapore, Gerard Koh, vice president of human resources at SMRT Corporation, has decided to look at the bigger picture of Singapore’s opportunities for growth and change.

“There are tectonic demographic shifts in the labour force in Singapore. These include a greying population, low birth rates and a smaller Singaporean labour force, and significantly higher education levels of youths entering the labour force,” he says.

“The Singaporean labour market is also one of the most open and diverse in the world, with talent from all over the world filling all levels of jobs.”

Because of this, the government is making significant changes policy-wise to labour laws to be more progressive, while encouraging wage increases in lower-wage jobs and regulating the inflow of foreign talent.

All this change means “it cannot be business as usual for HR”.

“Companies in Singapore will be swamped by this sea change, or they can ride on the opportunities these changes present to propel them forward.”

At The Futurist, Koh will present the opening keynote on this topic, discussing how companies can ride this change and reshape their workforce, HR policies and business models in the best way, so as to mitigate future risks.

Join us at The Futurist on April 23rd 2014 at the InterContinental Hotel in Singapore.

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