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“Smart” manager asks staff to take the day off yesterday

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When working class left the office on Monday, most expect they would not have to come to work on Tuesday morning because a typhoon is approaching.

Anticipating the same thing, and fearing his team will get an extra day off, a quick thinking manager immediately asked all his full-time staff to take Tuesday off as their weekly leave, the heawork tumblr reports.

The manager who works in retail then called in all the available part-timers to cover for the shifts of the full-timers.

Before coming to the conclusion that the manager is a cheapskate, the idea of having part-timers is a effective contingent workforce plan and the manager is simply making the most out of limited resources he or she has.

Moreover isn’t it common sense that the duty of part-timers is to cover for full-time workers?

If you think not being able to cash in on an extra day off is sad, this terrible Tuesday of an employee shared on Hong Kong discussion group will make you feel lucky.

In an online post, a netizen  shared that he had applied for leave on Tuesday to attend medical appointment and apply for travel documents but the bad weather blew off his plans and he had to apply for leave on another day to do those things.  Better luck next time.

Please share with us how yesterday’s typhoon make or ruin your supposedly working day.

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