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Singaporeans suffer from extreme Mondayitis

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If you start feeling a bit queasy every Monday morning at about 7am, chances are you might be suffering from Mondayitis.

jobsDB Singapore found 70% of local employers receive more medical certificates (MCs) on a Monday than any other day of the week, while 72% employees who do manage to get out of the house report in late.

Out of the 4,300 respondents, 44% said their productivity drops on the first day of the week, which also happens to be the least favourite day for 71% of them.

However, if you’re a sufferer of Mondayitis, there may be no reason to panic. jobsDB’s report included several short-term solutions respondents claimed have helped them survive Mondays.

These included drinking coffee (55%), chatting with colleagues (48%), surfing social networking sites (27%) and eating junk food (21%).

Do you suffer from Mondayitis, and if so, what cure works best for you?

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