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Singaporeans report low job satisfaction

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Singapore now ranks fifth lowest in terms of job satisfaction when compared to 31 other global countries.

However, this is an improvement from last year’s results where the city was ranked second lowest, according to a report by Accenture.

When asked what caused the lack of job satisfaction, Singaporeans blamed a shortage of growth opportunities (46%) in their current positions, and feeling underpaid (40%).

The low satisfaction levels are worrying, considering 91% of Singaporean professionals believe their career capital can give them a competitive advantage in the business world.

The report added locals defined career capital as “knowledge and competency in a particular area (66%) as well as networking within their organisations (55%)”.

According to Accenture, 66% of Singaporean employees said building a strong career capital would help them to better influence decisions at work, while 58% said it would help them achieve goals, and 54% believe it would increase their credibility among colleagues and peers.

Tay Lay Lim, senior managing director of Accenture for Singapore and ASEAN, said by focusing on developing career capital, employees will be engaged and energised, helping them “maintain a competitive advantage as they grow and reach their goals”.

“In this rapidly evolving business environment, leading companies will continue to sharpen and develop their peoples’ skills through innovative training and leadership development programmes that prepare them for the future,” she added.

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