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Singaporeans now hold the world’s strongest passport

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Good news for Singaporeans – the Singapore passport is now the most powerful in the world with a Passport Index visa-free score of 159, breaking the tie with Germany (Passport Index visa-free score of 158).

According to the news release, Paraguay recently removed visa requirements for Singaporeans, propelling Singapore’s passport to the top of Passport Index’ most powerful ranking.

The Passport Index visa-free score consists of a score for visa-free travel and a score for visa-on-arrival, with visa-free travel weighing more. The little red dot now has a visa-free travel score of 124 and a visa-on-arrival score of 35. While Germany has a visa-free travel score of 125 and a visa-on-arrival score of 33.

Passport index 2017 - Singapore and Germany


Neighbouring Malaysia was ranked 19 with a Passport Index visa-free score of 154 (118 in visa-free travel and 36 in visa-on-arrival), while Hong Kong was ranked 45 with a Passport Index visa-free score of 142 (109 in visa-free travel and 33 in visa-on-arrival).

Historically, the top 10 most powerful passports in the world were mostly European, with Germany having the lead for the past two years. Since early 2017, the number one position was shared with Singapore, which was steadily going up.

Philippe May, managing director of Arton Capital’s Singapore office, said: “For the first time ever an Asian country has the most powerful passport in the world. It is a testament of Singapore’s inclusive diplomatic relations and effective foreign policy.”

While Singapore quietly climbed the ranks, the US passport has fallen down since Trump took office. Most recently Turkey and the Central African Republic revoked their visa-free status to US passport holders.

Passport index 2017 - comparing countires

Top 10 strongest Asian passports and their global rankings

1. Singapore
Passport Index visa-free score: 159
Visa-free travel: 124
Visa-on-arrival: 35
World ranking: 1

2. South Korea
Passport Index visa-free score: 157
Visa-free travel: 117
Visa-on-arrival: 40
World ranking: 4

3. Japan
Passport Index visa-free score: 156
Visa-free travel: 117
Visa-on-arrival: 39
World ranking: 11

4. Malaysia
Passport Index visa-free score: 154
Visa-free travel: 118
Visa-on-arrival: 36
World ranking: 19

5. Hong Kong
Passport Index visa-free score: 142
Visa-free travel: 109
Visa-on-arrival: 33
World ranking: 45

6. Israel
Passport Index visa-free score: 137
Visa-free travel: 103
Visa-on-arrival: 34
World ranking: 48

7. Brunei
Passport Index visa-free score: 135
Visa-free travel: 102
Visa-on-arrival: 33
World ranking: 50

8. United Arab Emirates
Passport Index visa-free score: 128
Visa-free travel: 96
Visa-on-arrival: 32
World ranking: 56

9. Macao
Passport Index visa-free score: 120
Visa-free travel: 86
Visa-on-arrival: 34
World ranking: 66

10. Taiwan
Passport Index visa-free score: 120
Visa-free travel: 80
Visa-on-arrival: 40
World ranking: 67

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