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Singaporeans not “emotionless” anymore

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Singapore has its highest positive experience index ranking since 2008, scoring 70% in a survey by Gallup.

The nation has jumped up 24 points from last year’s results, where the survey found only 2% of local workers were engaged, and were the least likely to report feeling positive emotions on a daily basis.

The latest survey, released today, shows Singapore has climbed up the rankings; its index stood at 64% in 2008, 67% in 2009, 60% in 2010 and 46% in 2011.

Gallup’s report suggests one reason for the surge could be the attention the country’s leaders and media gave the issue following the November 2012 results which labelled Singaporeans as “emotionless”.

Gallup measures daily emotions in more than 150 countries by asking residents if they have experienced five positive and five negative emotions a lot the previous day.

The positive emotions include feeling well-rested, being treated with respect, enjoyment, smiling and laughing a lot, and learning or doing something interesting, while negative emotions consist of feeling anger, stress, sadness, physical pain, and worry.

But not all news is good news for the city-state. Singaporeans are still the least likely to report experiencing emotions of any kind on a daily basis, scoring a measly 36%. This is an increase of 6% from Singapore’s reading in 2011.

This year, the Philippines was identified as the most emotional society with 60%, followed by El Salvador at 57%, and Bahrain at 56%.

Globally, Syrians and Iraqis were reported to be the least positive worldwide, scoring 46% and 47% respectively on the negative emotions scale.

On average, global respondents seem generally happy, with 73% reporting they experienced enjoyment “a lot of the day”. Seven in 10 also said they smiled and laughed a lot, 85% said they’ve been treated with respect and 71% said they were well-rested.

HR Masterclass Series: We're going virtual! New courses, new formats!
Review the 2020 masterclasses here »

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